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MyThedaCare is an online health portal offered by ThedaCare, a community health system based in Northeast and Central Wisconsin. ThedaCare serves over 200 medical facilities including 7 hospitals and over 30 clinics.


The MyThedaCare portal allows both patients and employees of ThedaCare convenient access to personal health records, appointment scheduling, prescription management, medical advice, hospital pre-registration, and more. This article will provide an overview of the MyThedaCare employee login portal specifically.

MyThedaCare Health Portal Details

The MyThedaCare health portal is available as both a website accessible from any internet-connected device as well as a mobile app. The portal uses advanced encryption and security measures to protect user data and privacy.

On the portal, ThedaCare employees can view their work schedules, request time off, view pay statements and tax documents, and access employee memos and announcements. They can also view and manage health insurance coverage, retirement accounts, and other ThedaCare benefits.

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Additionally, employees can use MyThedaCare for direct messaging and video visits with ThedaCare providers. Appointments, prescription refills, medical records access, and billing are all available through the portal.

How MyThedaCare Works

If you’re looking for an affordable and easy way to keep your mind and body healthy, ThedaCare is the right fit for you.

ThedaCare offers a variety of services that can help you achieve your health goals, including:

  • Health tracking: Keep track of your progress and see how your habits are affecting your overall well-being with our interactive tools and charts.
  • Massage: Get that relaxation or stress relief you need with a professional massage.
  • Health education: Gain the knowledge you need to make healthy choices for yourself with free educational materials.
  • Wellness programs: Enjoy tailored programs designed to help you reach your health goals, from weight loss to improving sleep quality.
  • To get started, sign up now at My.ThedaCare.Org.
ThedaCare Login

ThedaCare MyChart

Do you dread the hassle of scheduling appointments, waiting on hold to speak with a doctor or constantly having to remind yourself about upcoming medical tests? Well, what if we told you there was a solution that could make managing your healthcare as easy as ordering food online?

ThedaCare MyChart is an innovative patient portal that puts your health information at your fingertips. From scheduling appointments, viewing test results and communicating with your healthcare team – this revolutionary tool has transformed how patients receive care.

So, why not join the thousands of other satisfied ThedaCare MyChart users who have taken control of their health and well-being?

MyThedaCare Login

To access the MyThedaCare login page, employees should visit or the MyThedaCare app.

The login credentials needed are:

  • Username: This is typically an employee’s badge number or network ID.
  • Password: The password is set up during the hiring process or reset later through ThedaCare IT.

On the login page, employees can click “Reset Password” if needed to set a temporary password that must then be changed. New hires who haven’t received login information should contact their hiring manager.

ThedaCare register

MyThedaCare Rules and Requirements

All ThedaCare employees are expected to abide by rules and requirements to ensure proper use of MyThedaCare:

  • Logins, passwords, and access privileges are exclusive to the employee and not to be shared.
  • Employees should only access their own health records and authorized work data.
  • Messages and scheduling should be handled appropriately following ThedaCare guidelines.
  • Employees must protect confidentiality of patient and business information.
  • Accounts settings like passwords should be kept updated per IT requirements.
  • Suspected security breaches, unauthorized access, or other issues must be reported promptly.
  • Usage of MyThedaCare is subject to monitoring and auditing by ThedaCare.

Failure to follow these rules may result in limitation of system access up to termination of login credentials or employment.

How to Sign up for MyThedaCare

New employees of ThedaCare cannot independently sign up for a MyThedaCare account. Enrollment is handled by ThedaCare’s HR and IT teams during onboarding. Here is the usual signup process:

  • Shortly after hire approval, HR will provide necessary paperwork and directions for establishing payroll, benefits, and system credentials.
  • The IT department will then configure a MyThedaCare account tied to an employee badge number. A temporary password is assigned that must be changed at first login.
  • Managers will distribute badge numbers and MyThedaCare instructions to new hires on their start date.
  • On their first day, employees can login to the portal using the provided credentials to begin exploring available resources.
  • If login information is not furnished or functional on the start date, new hires should promptly alert their manager to resolve the issue.

Steps To Reset Your Account Password

If you have forgotten your MyThedaCare Login or have lost your password, follow these steps to reset it:

  • Click the “Forgot Your Password?” link on the MyThedaCare home page.
  • Enter your email address in the “Enter Your Email Address” field and click the “Create Password” button.
  • Type in your new password in the “New Password” field and click the “Confirm New Password” button.
  • Click the “Log In” button to log back into with your new password.

How to Retrieve Username?

If an employee forgets their MyThedaCare username, they have a couple options to retrieve it:

  1. Contact their manager or HR representative, who can look up the badge number tied to MyThedaCare login.
  2. Visit an IT help desk located within ThedaCare hospitals and clinics. IT staff can assist with username recovery.
  3. Call the MyThedaCare support line at 1-888-797-9213. Support specialists have access to account details and can verify identity to share usernames.

Usernames are typically the employee’s work badge ID. This number is provided during the hiring process but may be misplaced over time, hence the recovery options.

ThedaCare portal login

Benefits Offered By The MyThedaCare Portal

Key benefits MyThedaCare offers ThedaCare employees include:

  • Secure access to work schedules, time off requests, and payments.
  • Paperless storage of tax forms, pay statements, and HR documents.
  • Easy enrollment and account management for health insurance and retirement plans.
  • Direct communication with administrators and ThedaCare providers.
  • Access medical records, prescriptions, appointments, and billing.
  • Video visits with physicians without needing to go on-site.
  • Internal memos, training, announcements, and more in one dashboard.

The consolidation into a single login streamlines crucial employment functions for ThedaCare staff.

Information Regarding Mobile App

In addition to the web portal, MyThedaCare offers iOS and Android mobile apps with equivalent functionality:

  • Receive push notifications from ThedaCare providers and administrators.
  • Quickly access appointment schedules, refill prescriptions, video visits.
  • Alternate app PIN unlock instead of typing full passwords repeatedly.
  • Touch ID / Face ID to authenticate without passwords on supported devices.
  • View health insurance coverage, retirement balances, PTO accruals.
  • Secure messaging with care team and managers.
  • Access payroll, tax forms, company directory on the go.

The apps synchronize all activity with the main desktop website automatically.

About MyThedaCare

If you’re looking for gentle, professional care from a team of experts, look no further than My ThedaCare Login. We provide services including home health aid, personal care, and chronic disease management. Plus, our online portal provides easy access to your account and all the benefits that come with membership. Sign up today and start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with our care.

Smart Square ThedaCare

Smart Square ThedaCare is an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled care platform that helps hospitals manage their chronic care. It integrates with other hospital systems to provide a seamless experience for patients and caregivers.

The platform uses machine learning and natural language processing to identify patterns in patient records and recommend care interventions. It also predicts outcomes for patients and provides alerts when changes occur in their health status.

The Smart Square ThedaCare platform was developed in collaboration with IBM and the University of Edinburgh. It has been tested in several hospitals across the United States, including Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, and Stanford University Hospital.

ThedaCare center

About MyThedaCare Help: Contact Support

For assistance with any aspect of MyThedaCare, employees can access the following help resources:

  • Help Center: Searchable knowledge base answers common questions about portal and app usage.
  • Chat Support: Instant messaging conversations with ThedaCare IT staff.
  • Email Support: Submit tickets to [email protected] for issues requiring investigation.
  • Phone Support: Speak to help desk 24/7 at 1-888-797-9213.
  • Feedback: Employees can submit comments or portal improvement suggestions.

Support contacts can aid troubleshooting login problems, unfamiliar portal functionality, app errors, or other service issues employees encounter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is MyThedaCare?

MyThedaCare is a healthcare sharing company that allows patients to connect with doctors in their local area and receive care from the same doctors who are familiar with their individual health histories. You can also use MyThedaCare to find doctors who offer specialty care or to find a doctor who accepts your insurance.

How does MyThedaCare work?

First, you create an account on After you sign in, you will be able to see your list of available doctors and make appointments. During your appointment, the doctor will review your medical record and may prescribe medication or recommend specialist care. You will also be able to share any questions or concerns you have about your health with the doctor during your appointment.

Does MyThedaCare cost anything?

No, MyThedaCare is free for patients*. However, there may be costs associated with certain services offered by participating doctors through MyThedaCare. In addition, some medications prescribed through MyThedaCare may require a co-pay or prescription fee.

Are IT issues supported 24/7?

Yes, the MyThedaCare help desk offers phone, email and chat support around the clock.

What should I do if I’m locked out of my MyThedaCare account?

Contact the IT help desk to unlock your account after verifying your identity. Reset any passwords or security questions as directed.


MyThedaCare offers ThedaCare staff centralized access to HR information, provider communication tools, and employee discounts in one convenient portal. The mobile experience synchronizes fully with desktop functionality.

Robust support resources help employees troubleshoot any login, usage, or technical challenges. Ongoing development of additional capabilities widens the value for ThedaCare personnel.

By unifying so many essential employment functions under one platform protected by stringent security controls, MyThedaCare aims to make working at ThedaCare health system as productive and satisfying as possible for the organization’s valued staff.

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